Packaging materials

We use packaging methods and materials which proved to be reliable by more than half a century use by international moving companies by more than half a century.

Each of our employees knows What, How, and In what to pack.

Ach packed item is labeled with a special sticker, which stays clearly in different languages how this item should be treated, where it is from, what its destination is, etc.

Types of packaging materials:

Коробка для книг 45×30x30см
Box for books 45×30×30cm
Коробка для постельного белья 70x45×45см
Box for bedclothes 70×45×45cm
Архивная коробка 60x40×30см
Archive box 60×40×30cm
Гардероб 60x50×120см
Warbrobe box 60×50×120cm
Коробка для лампы 40x40×100см
Lamp box 40×40×100cm
Упаковка для матраса
Mattress box
Коробка для бытовой техники 50x50×50м
Box for domestic appliances 50×50×50cm
Воздушно-пузырчатая пленка
Bubble wrap
Стрейч пленка
Shrink wrap

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