Office moving

The lease is out? Found more spacious place?
Office moving is inevitable but you want to avoid «panic and bustle»?
You can’t intermit your working activity though you have to move quickly?
And now you surfing the Net with what-to-do expression.

We can easily save you from this ordeal!

We will work out the plan of moving: by departments, sectors or floors. Choose the most efficient one.

We create the sketch of the arrangement of your furniture in the new office.

Saying:Send first your sysadmin to the new office and watch him carefully. Make his work-place where he stopped and server room where he has fallen asleep.

Before the moving pack employees personal belongings, documentation, registers. Apply special labels (place, employee, contents of the package).

During the moving we:
А) Label, take apart and pack all the furniture, computers and office equipment.
А.1) Tear the admin away from reading Repeat the previous actions with the server rooms and his work-place.

B) Move, unpack, put together and arrange the priceless property according to the sketch.
B.1) During arrangements in the new office we provide cleaning in the former one – take the rubbish and old furniture out, clean the carpet of the vine spots which appeared after the company party, etc.

That is all. Frightening? Sure! After all, you specialize in another field. And for us it is our routine, though interesting and creative.

Clients and partners